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Darksiders Fury official cosplay guide + pattern collection

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Darksiders Fury official cosplay guide + pattern collection
Cover photo: Milos Mlady

1) Why I chose to make this costume:

When I first saw the trailer for Darksiders 3 I immedatelly fell in love with the character of Fury and I started working on this costume planning to use it as a competition costume.

After some while, I got in contact with THQ Nordic and established a cooperation – I got to portray Fury’s Flame hollow (since fire is my favourite element) as an official cosplayers for the game Darksiders 3! My plans for competing with this costume changed, but I’ve learned a lot of new techniques making this costume and I’m very proud of the outcome!

2) Original character:

3) How I made this costume:

Within the scope of my cooperation with THQ Nordic I also wrote a very elaborate cosplay guide including a lot of pictures, which was recently released!

One page describing all the parts in my cosplay guide with patterns

You can download it here:


and if the first link doesn’t work for you, also HERE

I also added some of my patterns for free to use for future Fury cosplayers! On the right picture, you can see which patterns you can find there + there is a bonus of a big pattern for corset, that was so hard for me to make!

You can download my patterns guide HERE

Photo: Allpo Dayo

I also wanted to include some upgrades made to this costume. I decided to portray Fury’s default version too, so I had chance to remake the part of my cosplay I was least satisfied with – the breastplate:

Photo:Antony Gomes

I started the same as with Flame Fury’s breastplate. I’ve used a 5cm wide glass cabochon, which I painted to look like an eye using nail polish and glitter. More in my DRAGON EYE TUTORIAL.


Then I 3D printed the eye bezel and the pieces in the middle of the breastplate. I feel like the original Flame breastplate was too small and not that bulky, so insted a foam middle part. I decided to use 3D printed plastic.

After the parts were printed, I inserted the eye inside the bezel and used Apoxie Sculpt to fasten it inside and reinforced it with a stripe of foam, that will also serve as a support of a closing foam cap, where electronics will hold.

I created a simple circuit for 2 LED lights – red and purple, so I can combine different colors and sealed it in the round „cap“ made from foam. Inside the cup I glued aluminium foil to reflect the light outside the eye. From the other side of the cap, there is the rest of the circuit including space for batteries. The switches are placed on the top of the brestplate.

The cap is glued from behind the glass eye to the foam piece on the sides of the eye bezel. The last step of this part is to glue all the 3D printed parts together. I’ve used 2 part epoxy glue to do that.

Then I started working on breast pieces. I first shaped the desired shape from worbla, wrapped the shape in aluminium and taped it with ducktape. Then I drew where I’d make cuts on the tape and cut the tape out. I transfered the pattern from tape to a 5mm foam, cut it out with exacto knife and glued the piece with contact glue and I recreated the original shape from worbla from foam. I added some cuts with my dremel (weathering). Then I heatshaped the foam to be perfectly round and sandwiched it in worbla.

 I glued the breast pieces to the 3D printed base with hotgue and epoxy.

Then I covered the eye with masking tape and it’s priming time!

I’ve used Chamaleon thick layer filler for 3D printed areas and latex cement for the cups. I’ve also used Apoxie Sculpt to fill any creases.

There was a lot of smoothing using sanding paper and sanding sponges included, till the breastplate was ready for painting.

 I painted the whole breastplate with black acrylic color base and then with Skoda automotive silver color. After it dried, I masked areas, that should stay light silver with masking tape and airbrushed the middle part with pearlescent black color from Createx. Then I unmasked the whole breastplate and applied black and brown oil colors to weather the breastplate. I used a cotton fabric to get rid of the oil colors on higher based places leaving it only in creases and lower based places. I let it dry and after the oil color was dried, I added chrome silver color by Tamiya on higher based places of lighter silver areas using sponge and created highlights.

 And here’s the result:

On the pics you can see the breastplate I had before, which was mainly made from foam and worbla and my upgrade with purple eye for my default Fury, which fits’s me better and the shape of the breast cups seems a little more natural and more accurate.


Fury’s main weapon is a whip, which was a hard project by itself and I also made 2 versions of it!

You can check it out in it’s own article HEREwhere you can learn also a bit about programming the LED light strips!

Photo: Aleksander photo

I also created Fury’s secondary weapon, but I think that project is worth it’s own article, so maybe next time? 🙂

Salvation crossblades

Photo: Akunohako, Milos Mlady
Flame Fury vs. Default Fury (upgraded wig + breastplate)

I hope you like my turn on this character and my guides and patterns will help you create something breathtaking!

If you happen to use some of my patterns, don’t forget to give credit 

If you like my work and you’d like to see more articles and tutorials like this, you can support me on my PATREON PAGE

because donations of my patrons made this tutorial possible.

Special thanks to THQ Nordic and Darksiders game by Gunfire Games!

And if you want to know more about this awesome Darksiders project, visit our #Darksiderslegion website full of useful info!



Published: 11.08.19 8:04, Pacific Standard Time

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