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Fake fire prop – shining and moving – COSPLAY by GERMIA

This is a small tutorial how to make moving and shining fire prop for your cosplay skit really CHEAP 🙂

And if you want a better version, you can addd programmed light, smoke generator, or bigger fan.

Tools and materials:

1) small fan – I’ve used one with 4 AA batteries, but you can also use a stronger wired one.

2) LED flashlight

3) red, orange, yellow plastic foil sheet for flame borders and

4) Carboard box

5) Cord

6) Transparent red, orange and yellow paper

7) Knife, scissors, bodkin (or something, that makes holes)

8) newspaper

9) Adhesive tape and ducktape

10) Watercolors and acrylic colors

11) Hotglue and paper glue


1) cut small pieces from red/orange/yellow foil and tape it to your flashlight to change the color of the shine.

2) Tape your flashlight to the fan. Careful not to block the movement of the fan arms.

3) Cut a circle big enough to fit the construction of flashlight and fan in from cardboard

4) Cut a border of the circle from cardboard and glue it to the circle about 4 cm higher then the construction of fan and flashlight.

5) Glue the construction of fan and light into your new cardboard box.

6) Make holes in the box to be able to turn on/off your devices and make a lot holes in the cardboard for the air to go in. 7) Make small holes on the top of the box and interlace your cord there. Glue it with hotglue on the place.

8) Tear your transparent red, orange and yellow paper into small flames and glue it with paper glue onto the cord. Use yellow in the middle and red for the borders.

9) Color the whole box red, black, and yellow with acrylics or water paint.

10) Cut flames out of foil and glue them with hot glue to the top of the box to hide the cord borderd.

11) Crumple newspaper and cover it in adhesive tape and paint it black, grey, brown (silver) with acrylic color to make stones.

12) Glue the stones with hotglue to the sides of the box. Be careful to let the places with on/off switches accessible.

13) Finish the paint and you’re ready to go.

I’ve used it for my skit on Animefest 2016 and it looked good, I would use only a stronger fan next time!

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First photo: Radek Vebr

Published: 05.05.16 16:53, Pacific Standard Time

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