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Hellboy – the Right Hand of Doom – cosplay prop tutorial

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My friend Filel is a big fan of Hellboy movies and Ron Pearlman and he kinda looks like him, so we always teased him to make a cosplay of Hellboy. And he always said he will in future, so I decided to surprise him and made him a prop of Hellboy’s hand.

And as I wanted to make a movie-like prop, I searched for some referrence pictures:



I took a really cheap leather-fabric working glove and sewn and glued the middle finger and the ring finger together, because the hand of Hellboy has only 4 fingers – so I needed to get rid of one finger and this was the best solution I had.

Then I made a cylinder (much wider than my arm, but not longer than my forearm) from 1mm thick EVA foam, made some adjustments for the glove to fit (more foam layers) and glued it with hot glue inside (3rd picture). Then I put some more foam inside (on the end of the hand) not to make the hand wiggle.

Then I decorated the top of the glove with 1cm and 0,5 cm thick EVA foam pieces and try to make it as similar with hellboy hand as possible. But it was really hard, because Hellboy has hell of a long fingers 😀

I used both hotgule and contact cement and when done I took my soldering iron and I burned the circle runes in the foam. Then I took my dremmel with small sanding adapter and made the stone marks and cracks with it. With a bigger round adapter I made some uneven places on and rounder deffects to simulate the surface of a rock.

The painting was quite easy – the base color is black acrylic and then I took a makeup sponge and used brick red and blood red acrylics and tapped the sponge onto the surface of the glove. Then I took black once again and made some minor shading aaand it is done! 🙂

And how to use the sponge for the surface can be seen in my youtube tutorial – just use different red colors instead of silver 🙂

I hope this tutorial will be useful for someone and if yes, you can follow my work on cosplay (and other stuff) on my FACEBOOK PAGE.
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Published: 06.09.16 10:54, Pacific Standard Time

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