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How was Samurai electric guitar from Cyberpunk 2077 made?

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How was Samurai electric guitar from Cyberpunk 2077 made?

If you try to dig out some info about Johnny Silverhand, you’ll find out his guitar is one of the main features in previous alliterations. He is a Rockerboy, he’s a musician and guitarist in band Samurai.

I decided I will create a guitar for my cosplay and capture the true feel of the character like this.

I took inspiration from the guitar displayed at E3 Cyberpunk booth (bottom shape of the guitar), fot he neck of the guitar, I took inspiration from the album cover „Never Fade Away“ from Cyberpunk 2077 promotion materials and older picturesof Johnny Silverhand from the board game and for the paint design, I took inspiration from a few fanarts portraying Johnny with a guitar.

I carefully worked into the guitar also programmed LED lights and battery, 3D modelled a bunch of stuff mainly from red transparent PETG material to let the light shine through and kept the guitar still fully functional. The process of making is documented in this video:

And there is a small bonus for you – I uploaded the file for the Knob with a little S – you can download it HERE.


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Published: 03.02.20 6:28, Pacific Standard Time

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