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Scales for your cosplay – tutorial by Germia

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Scales for your cosplay – tutorial by Germia

Cover photo:
Dragonkin Skadi from Smitecosplay by Germia
photo by Milos Mlady photo

Making scale armor on your cosplay can be tough and time-consuming, but the result really pays off! 

I was working on my foam scale armor for the last few months, so I’ll describe you the process of my work and maybe show you some other ways how to make scale maille for your cosplay 🙂

1) Scales

Making 3D scales from foam is not very hard work, but since you need mostly a lot of them, ti can be very time-consuming. I recommend doing always each step for all the scales, so you can work faster.

Start by making a pattern of your scale – for my cosplay of Dragonkin Skadi, I had different shapes of scales on bracers, skirt, pauldrons and cape, so always think about the shape you need first and make a pattern. It’s good to bend the paper and make the pattern symmetrical by drawing only half of it on one side and getting the second side the same when cut with scissors.

Transfer the pattern on foam – I’ve used 0,5 mm foam by polyprops. Cut the scales and dremmel the edges a little to make them a little round and organic.

Mark the symmetrical middle on your scales and cut there a V shape with a very sharp knife – but do not cut all through, just into middle of the foam’s mass. Put a contact cement glue inside the cavity, let it dry a little and glue it together – the scale will make a roof shape. Then take a soldering iron or woodburning iron and draw cracks into the scales for better organic look. Glue your scales onto the place, prime them, paint them and you are done 🙂

If you need more pictures to see, check out my instagram stories collection regarding Dragonkin Skadi WIP pics 🙂

Making scales is really time-consuming and it maybe doesn’t fit your needs, so I marked down few alternatives, that can help you with your scales making:

1) Flat foam scales to purchase 

Some shops offer foam scales, that are already cut into desired shape from high quality foam – it can be and alternative to the time-consuming cutting of your own ones!

I’ve seen them HERE or HERE.

2) 3D printed scalemaille

If you own a 3D printer, you can use it to print your own scalemaille without any problems. You just need a 3D printer, filament and a meshed fabric to print the scales on. I actually don’t know who came up with this amazing idea, but I know a guy, who tries to improve this idea further – making snap-on scales and other great stuff HERE.

Or you can just download the files for them HERE

3) Real scalemaille 

I think I don’t have to mention, that you can make your own scalemaille from bought metal scales and attach them on chainmaille, but if you are not familiar with that technique, check out for example this VIDEO.

4) Fabric scales

You can also cut your scales from leather and paint them with acrylic or leather colors –  see my Paladin build for more info HERE.

5) Others

There are many different techniques how to make scales on your armor – depending on the size and properties you need, choose your materials accordingly 🙂

P.S. – some people use also plastic spoons!

Dragonkin Skadi from Smite
cosplay by Germia
photo by Milos Mlady photo

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