Personal questions

Germia is a female gamer, former captain of CS:GO team eSuba, crafting and gaming streamer and mainly a cosplayer from Czech Republic.
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I’m present on a wide spectrum of social media. Take a look HERE for all the options!

Yes, I am attending a lot of conventions and events during the year. Take a look HERE to see, where you can meet me in person, or join my regular livestreams HERE for some chitt-chat!

If you are an organiser, check out my book me page or reach to me at my e-mail 

If you are a visitor and you want to see me among other cosplay guests, refer me to the organisers of your convention or check out my event list – maybe I am planning to attend an event near you!


If you are a company, please send me your inquiry together with description of the costume, estimated budget, deadline and other relevant details on my e-mail

If you are a private person, then I have to decline. Unfortunatelly, I am making only a limited number of comission during the year and those are limited exclusivelly for companies. 
Every year, I want to bring you a variety of new costumes and grow as a costume maker. And as my costumes take hundreds of hours and require a big amount of high quality materials and skills, it is impossible for me to take more than 1 or 2 comissions a year.

On the other hand – this is your chance to create a costume by yourself. With each new project I finish, I share a lot of my knowledge in form of tutorials, which you can find HERE for free!

No, unfortunatelly. There are several reasons why:

  1. My costumes are made to fit me and often require a good knowledge of how all the pieces can be attached together.
  2. The costumes are not adjustable and as there are sizes for every piece of clothing, the same can be applied on cosplay costumes.
  3. Some parts of the costumes can’t be washed (like the inside of helmets, armor parts, …) so it would not be hygienic for other person to wear it.
  4. Some parts of the costume need a special care and handling – don’t forget that creating a costume can be regarded as an art form, so a costume can be regarded as piece of art. 

I’ve made over 20 costumes and 30 props, which you can check out in my costume portfolio HERE!

I am choosing my costumes according to these specifications:

  1. Knowing or admiring a character or a game/movie.
  2. Sharing similar features with character (similar personality, behaviour, look).
  3. Beautiful/challenging costume, that could show different skills – crafting, sewing, casting, molding, painting, electronics, …
  4. How modest/revealing the character is, if it fits my figure, shows my strong features and hides my weak spots 🙂


If you want to see all the costumes I’ve created so far, please check out my costume portfolio HERE.

One of the most fun things about cosplay is creating costumes and discovering new techniques and materials. Since the time I’ve started, I’ve published a lot of tutorials about used materials, techniques and shared a lot of my blueprints and patterns:

If you want to check all my tutorials, click HERE.
If you are interested to see a whole costume brought to life step-by-step, check my full costume guides HERE.
If you want to see all the tools and materials I am using, click HERE.

If there are requests for tutorials, i made some videos already. You can find them on my youtube channel in section cosplay and tutorials HERE.

I also make workshops at events, where you can watch me working and ask questions. If you are interested in my workshops, check out my Event list, for more info!

And if you want to join my regular livestreams and ask me anything live during my broadcast, follow me on my twitch channel to be notified, when I go online! 

Gaming and streaming

I stream games, crafting and talkshows about four times a week on my channel: in czech language, but answering questions in english, deutsch, rusky.

Check out the schedule under my stream to see when and what I will stream in next days, or join my DISCORD to be informed regularly and interact with our great community.

No, unfortunatelly with all my duties in real life, streaming and cosplay I lack time to continue playing for a team. But I’ve played in a past for a czech multiclan eSuba and formed a successful female team eSuba.ladies playing CoD4 and CS:GO between the years 2010 and 2017.

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