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CS:GO knife guide by GERMIA

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The most valuable item you can own in CS:GO nowadays is a knife. There are a lot of types of knives with different exteriors, patterns, colors and animations.

I´ve made a small guide through everything you wanted to know about knives:

1) How to get a knife

– open a case

– buy it on steam market

– try trading less valuable items for more valuable ones (uptrading)

2) What knives could i get

There are several different types of knives, that you can own in game. These types are just cosmetic items and will not change the way how your knife works in game (even the model of your knife looks smaller, your reach will be unchanged), it changes just the appearance in game. I will now make a small overview of them:


Gut knife is based on a real life Buck Knives Aplha Hunter model knife with guthook.

It´s most notable feature is the gut hook on the blade used for cutting throught fibrous materials. It´s a smaller knife with wooden handle.

Gut knife could be dropped from all cases except special cases described later.

It´s one of the cheapest knives on steam market, because it´s not quite attractive looking as teh other knives and the animations are pretty boring. In addition to that, the gut knife is one of the most dropped knives.


Flip knife is based on a real life Benchmade 860 Bedlam Folding knife. It´s a folding persian style knife. It´s curved blade could be hidden in the handle.

Flip knife could be dropped from all cases except special cases described later.

It´s one of the cheapest knives on steam market, because it´s not quite attractive looking as teh other knives and the animations are pretty boring. In addition to that, it is one of the most dropped knives.

Positive thing about flip knives is their overall better look in all qualities. Sometimes it could happen, that a Filed-tested flip knife could look same(/better) like Minimal Wear.


They’re the only dual-wielded knife item in CS:GO and the only knife having black base color. They resemble real life knife: Gerber Tactical Uppercut Push Dagger.

Shadow daggers could be dropped only from Shadow case.

It’s one of the cheaper knives, because of it’s unusual and for the most people unattractive appearance and poor animations.


Falchion knife is based on a real life Cold Steel Espada L. It is a opening knife inspired by Flachion sword.

Falchion knife could be dropped only from Falchion case,

It´s a better equivalent to a flip knife, but athe majority of players don t like the look of the knife, even it has a great animation. That´s why he dropped to the cheapest knives available.

It has one awesome bonus animation, when the knife is balancing on the palm of your hand, but the animation gets shown really rarely (cca. 1 of 50 tries)


Huntsman knife is based on a real life  Mtech USA Xtreme MX-8054, It´s a tactical survival knife with a special point Tanto for maximal penetration and it measures 11 inches.

Huntsman knife could be dropped only from Huntsman case,

It´s one of the best-looking knives in the game and its value is not so high at the moment. It´s the fourth cheapest knife and that´s because its „boring“ animation taken fron Gut knife.

I personally think Huntsman knife is the best knife in the game and I love the animation too, but it´s not the favourite one of the cs:go community.

We can expect the knife value will rise because of Hunstman cases, that aren´t dropped in game anymore.


The Bowie knife was created by James Black in the early 19th century for Jim Bowie, who had become famous for his use of a large knife at a duel known as the Sandbar Fight. The knife was coiincidentally added into game after the death of famous singer David Bowie, who chose his name after this knife.

The bowie knife is modelled after real life knife AITOR Oso Negro.

Since the bowie knife is the biggest knife in the game (but remember it’s only a cosmetic item), the developers decided to enlarge case hardened texture for case hardened skin and because of that, the chances to get all blue knife are much higher than by other knives.

The bowie knife could be dropped only from Operation Wildfire case.

Financially, it’s rather a middle-class knife, it’s not among the cheaper ones, but it’s not among the most expensive ones either. It’s animation is unusual, but a little boring.


Bayonet knife is inspired by real-life knife Smith & Wesson SW2B and it´s a representative of higher middle class knifes. From the WWII is its look unchanged and it is one of the most used military knives.

Bayonet knife could be dropped from all cases except special cases described later.

It is not a cheap knife but it doesn´t belong to the most expensive ones. Its average look is balanced by a great looking animation. And its price is higher because of its lower drop rate from cases.

Negative aspect of Bayonet knife is its very bad look of other qualities than Factory New. The wearing-out of the lower skin qualities like Minimal Wear and Field-Tested is really apparent.


M9 Bayonet knife is based on real-life knife Smith & Wesson SW3B.

M9 Bayonet knife could be dropped from all cases except special cases described later.

It´s one of the  more expensive knifes with good animation and compared to simple Bayonet it has a tuned up, manlier look. Drop rate of it is really low.


Butterfly knife is based on Terry Guinn´s Gargoyle (balisong) and it´s a higher class knife in CS:GO. It could be opened like fan and its blade could be hidden inside hollow knife handles and the size of the knife yould be decreased this way. The butterfly knife could be easily hidden because of its size, so it´s forbidden in a lot of countries.

Butterfly knife could be dropped only from Operation Breakout case.

It is one of the more expensive knives with two great animations, that appear randomly. Both animations are really good and favourite of the community. That adds to the value of the knife.


Karambit knife is based on real-life United Honshu Karambit, that comes from a tradition of  martial arts with knifes from Indonesia. It´s a smaller curved knife, that mimics a tiger claw, that could be easily hidden inside a palm of a hand and only the blade sticks out and it´s barely visible. Karambit in the game has a pistol grip and it´s one of the best, most valuable and most precious knifes.

Karambit knife could be dropped from all cases except special cases described later.

One of a kind animation adds to the high value of the knife.

Skins and patterns of CS:GO knives

I´ve written a guide into patterns, that you can read here:


Principles from this article could be applied to knifes too.

In the article you cannot find this overview from the least desired skins to the most desired ones:

1) Least desired skins and patterns:

Safari Mesh

Forest DDPAT

Urban Masked

Boreal Forest


2) Lower desirablity:


Rust Coat



3) more desired:

Blue Steel


Case Hardened (most desired with a lot of blue)

Crimson Web

4) most desired:



Tiger Tooth


Marble Fade

Damascus Steel

5) New skins:






Published: 05.09.15 6:32 Pacific Standard Time

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